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To get most out of ShowRoom and the Virtual Reality experience, it is important how you export your 3D model. The following best practice rules apply no matter what 3D program you are working with.

  • Position

    The 3D model should be at position 0 of your coordinate system. That way the model will be placed right in the center of the VR world.

  • Parts

    Export only important parts that are relevant for you to see in VR. That will reduce import and render time.

  • Groups

    Try to cluster your model into groups as much as possible. This will make it easier for you to edit your model in ShowRoom.

As an an example: HowTo export from 3DS Max

HowTo for other programs to follow (Rhino, Maya, AutoCAD, CATIA, SolidWorks)


The Units must be set to 1 Unit equals 1 meter.
Customize / Unit Setup


Place your 3D model at the zero point in the coordinate system.


Name your Mesh sections (materials) properly so you can find them easily in ShowRoom.

Virtual Reality Material in ShowRoom

OBJ Export

Use the following export options to get your materials exported as well.

InfinityGate 3dsMax export OBJ

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