We provide a cross industry, fully customizable tool for your product development. You can import your product into the Virtual World and modify it in real time. You decide what you want to change and how. Not only can you apply different materials and colors you can also modify the appearance of your product, look at different versions of your product to decide which one is the perfect match, and walk around in photo realistic environments.

The 3D models are not part of the software. They are for demonstration only.


Save money on expencive prototype iterations. Experiance your product in real size and a matching enviroment. Present your product to your customers in a realistic way before production.

Support latest VR Technology
We also provide and support the latest Vive 4k wireless headset, so you can freely walk around in an open space.

Import your model
You can import your own model into the tool. Multiple file formats are supported.

Modify your model
Deform the raw model in any direction and any point.

Apply different colors and materials
Choose and apply different colors and materials or change material properties such as roughness, pattern, metalic.

Replace parts of your model
Import different parts of your model and exchange them in real time.

Work with dynamic lighting
Change environment lighting by changing light angle, brightness or color tone.

Different environments
Choose VR worlds that work best with your product and transistion seemlessly between them.

Walk around in the same space with your co-workers or customers reviewing your latest product design.

Create your own world
Tell us what VR world you want to see. We can build and design you individual world idea.

Modify instances of your model
You have multiple save slots each one holds your imported raw model. You can make your changes and jump to the next save slot to start over again without loosing previous modifications.

Multiple environments for better product evaluation

Hundreds of different material ideas

Modify the model in realtime in VR

Our Team

We believe in VR and its future in business. We strive to create the best immersive experience for clients by creating meaningful transition from desktop to the the virtual world.


Software / Economics


Design / Concepts

Robin Kammel

Software / Serveradministration



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